Chamber Tabletop Vacuum Packaging Machine FW-5500

Chamber Tabletop Vacuum Packaging Machine FW-5500

Introducing the Chamber Tabletop Vacuum Packaging Machine FW-5500, the ultimate solution for preserving your food items with ease and efficiency. This innovative Vacuum Packaging Machine is designed to extend the shelf life of your products by removing air and sealing them in a vacuum-sealed bag, ensuring optimal freshness and flavor retention. The FW-5500 features a compact tabletop design, making it ideal for small kitchens or commercial spaces. With its user-friendly controls and powerful vacuum pump, this machine is perfect for sealing meats, cheeses, vegetables, and more. Upgrade your food storage capabilities with the Chamber Tabletop Vacuum Packaging Machine FW-5500 today!

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50000 unit per Month


  • Wide Application

Widely used in various Solid, Powder, aquatic products, hardware and electronic components to prevent damp, achieve freshness.

  • Intelligent Control

With micro-computer operation system,you can set the vacuum value and heat seal time to meet your different needs. Operation will be more easier, faster and exacter.

  • Quality Craftsmanship

304 stainless steel formed by punching one-off which could avoid being out of shape in high pressure working and deformation of leak.

  • Saving Packaging Costs

Not only suitable for textured bag, but also for various bags. Ideal for medium to large processors, supermarkets, restaurants, and laboratories.

  • Can be removed and replaced by yourself

Easy replacement for housewives. MAX length 40CM can meet various food packaging requirements,allowing for multiple packs.




Desktop Industrial Vacuum Machine

Material Stainless Steel Products Size 450*362*137mm
Button Key Button Vacuum Pressure 90 kpa
Sealing Length 40cm Sealing width 8mm
Voltage 220V,50/60Hz
Function Vacuum Seal,Seal Only,Sealing time (+ or -) ,Model(+ or-),Cancel
Smooth&Embossed Bag Way switch choose
Accessories 10pcs bag Roll storage Max 15M Roll
Heating Wire Removable Heating Wire
Advantage Can use in Smooth&Embossed Vacuum Bag,Bags are not restricted

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