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Intelligent digital display perfect for liquid vacuum unique blow function Semi Commercial food vacuum sealer with removable wat

Intelligent digital display perfect for liquid vacuum unique blow function Semi Commercial food vacuum sealer with removable wat

The glass jar packaging storage sealing vacuumizer packing machine sealers are very small, can be used under the table. It’s easy to seal all kinds of food with vacuum, and it’s a good way to prolong the shelf life to conveniently make the food into suitable volume. It’s portable food vacuum sealer, and it can support you to carry anywhere you want to use.

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  • SS touch panel

Made of high-quality stainless steel, sensitive touch screen, durable and easy to clean

  • Special Function For "Blow"

Blow function effectively protects fragile items like potato chips.Includes 3 settings - dry, moist and double. You can choose between normal vacuum pressure or gentle to keep soft foods safe.

  • Removable Heating Wire

Removable Sealing Bar is easy replacement for housewives. MAX length 35CM can meet various food packaging requirements,allowing for multiple packs, improve packaging efficiency.

  • Commercial Grade Motor

No.1 Vacuum Sealer could vacuum lots of liquid food even good seal. Powerful piston type pump and motor strong enough to crush a can with a vacuum pressure up to -0.85 Bar.

  • Simple And Simple·One-Click Operation

One-click operation, evacuation,inflation and sealing three in one, easy to operate. Just put the bag into the machine, it will start to vacuum and seal automatically.

  • Freely Adjustable Dry And Wet Mode

Dry or wet mode can be freely selected according to the type of food. Easily handle multi-oil and water-based food vacuum.



Model:FW-3190 Semi Commercial vacuum sealer
Material ABS Products Size 450*245*125mm
Button Key button Vacuum Pressure Max 85Kpa
Sealing Length 35cm Sealing width 4mm
Voltage 110-220V 50-60hz
Function Three Types Vacuum Strength Choose,Dry&Moist &Liquid Food Choose,
Blow Air Function,Vacuum Seal,Seal Only,Cancel,Canister
Accessories One vacuum roll+20 pcs free bag Lock One hand Lock
Heating Wire Removable Heating Wire Roll storage Yes
Gift Box Size 504*177*308mm 20 FT 946PCS
Carton Box 518*375*330mm(2 PCS) 40 FT 1880 PCS
N.W(kg) 3.5KG 40 HQ 2188PCS
G.W(kg) 4.1KG  
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